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Can EMF Radiation From Baby Monitors Be Harmful To Babies?

Safe Baby Monitor

It sure looks like it. Many studies on the subject have suggested that EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation of the type emitted by baby monitors has significant long-term health effects.

Because of their smaller size and thinner skulls, children are especially vulnerable to EMF effects.

So what does this mean for you? It means anything you can do now to reduce your baby’s EMF exposure can greatly reduce potential long-term health effects later in life.

Let’s start with your baby monitor.

How Baby Monitors Work

Wireless baby monitors emit RF (radiofrequency) radiation, a type of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that all electronics give off.

The monitors that are considered safest emit radiation in the FM radiofrequency range.

Most baby monitors models run in the higher microwave range, however. This is the same type and at the same high level as Wi-Fi and cell phones.

These levels of EMF are considered harmful to adults and worse for children.

Analog vs Digital

There are two types of signals that baby monitors use: analog and digital. Analog models are the safest, but they are becoming hard to find in the US.

They use the FM radiofrequency, usually at 40 MHz. Analog models are sound-only monitors.

Digital monitors, on the other hand, operate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) or FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum).

They work at the 2.4 GHz (or 2400 MHz) microwave frequency, a far more potentially dangerous level than analog models.

If you feel you need more features than analog offers, the next best thing would be low-emissions digital monitors or models with an eco-mode, or sound activation.

These units don’t produce high emissions constantly. They power up only when they detect sound, which offers a moderate level of EMF protection.

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Regardless of which monitor you choose, you should locate your monitor as far from the baby as possible without giving up functionality.

The closer your baby is to EMF radiation, the more they will absorb.

We all want to do what’s best for our kids, but it’s not always easy to know what that is.

When it comes to EMF radiation, with a little research and a lot of common sense, it’s fairly easy to make a responsible choice.

Liz Tailor

I became very curious about the potential dangers of EMF radiation after noticing a sharp increase in coverage on the news and other media outlets. So, I’m making it my mission to share research with those that are interested in protecting their loved ones from harmful exposure. Fortunately, there are plenty of safety precautions that can be taken!

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